Inkjet Cartridge Care and Troubleshooting Tips

Follow these tips to get the best performance from your Ink N More brand inkjet cartridge and your printer:

  1. Always store inkjet cartridges in the upright position. Ink in color cartridges will begin to mix if left on their side and damage the cartridge.
  2. Never expose inkjet cartridges to excessive cold, heat or humidity. Always store inkjet cartridges at room temperature. Never leave cartridges in your car.
  3. Do not remove inkjet cartridges from their packaging until you are ready to install them into your printer. Prolonged exposure to the air can impact the performance of the cartridge.
  4. Remove the protective clip and blue static tape before inserting into the printer.
  5. Do not touch the electrical components or metal strip of the cartridge. Oils in your skin can damage the cartridge.
  6. Always run two print test pages when installing a new cartridge, or a cartridge that has not been used recently, to allow the ink to settle. When you notice the ink beginning to run low, replace your cartridge immediately.
  7. Always maintain a replacement cartridge on hand. Excessive use of a near empty print cartridge can damage the cartridge and prevent future refilling. Once you remove an empty cartridge from your printer, replace the protective clip to prevent damage.
  8. Return the empty cartridge to Ink N More as soon as possible to be refilled. Cartridges taken out of the printer for a prolonged period of time can dry out and can not always be refilled.
  9. Use cartridge within one year of purchase.

Use of Ink N More brand cartridges will NOT void any printer warranty.