Ink N More Ink and Toner Franchise Model

Ink N More offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to create the business of their dreams, whether this means a single unit retail location or multiple units. Beyond our core beliefs of great product value and exceptional service, the Rapid Refill business model is unique and scalable, focused on helping franchisees grow their businesses fast!

Multi-Unit Model

For franchisees who want even more success, we will help them expand operating efficiencies so they can add additional locations. Ink N More’s easy-to-run retail business model is a natural for entrepreneurs desiring to own multiple units to increase their profitability.

We also offer two different types of store configurations. Franchisees can open either full-service stores (retail in the front of the store and cartridge remanufacturing in the rear of the store) or retail-only stores. Franchisees are free to operate either type of store, or both.

Typically, franchisees that have multiple locations own one full-service store and one or more retail-only location. The full-service store supports the retail-only units with remanufactured products. Each store model operates in the same manner as far as customers are concerned because Rapid Refill brand remanufactured products are already on the shelf. The only difference between the operating models is the physical location where the cartridges are remanufactured.

This unique approach (owing a combination of full-service and retail-only units) offers Rapid Refill franchisees the ability to build multiple units economically as retail-only stores can be opened for significantly less than full-service stores and have the same sales potential. Rapid Refill’s current growth strategy is focused on multi-unit development and, as a result, we expect to see a higher concentration of multi-unit franchisees as the system matures.

All Rapid Refill Ink franchisees are part of a family and given the tools and support they need to help them succeed!

Training and Operational Support

New franchisees are welcomed to our Home Office in Salem, Ohio to begin their in-depth training in the retail inkjet and toner cartridge industry. Because we know the printing industry inside and out, we help our franchisees provide the utmost in expert, personal service to customers, which will set them apart from all other ink retailers in their communities.

To find those customers, our system employs aggressive consumer marketing and direct business contact strategies to enable franchisees to hit the ground running and build sales quickly. From product knowledge, marketing program development, direct commercial sales tools, POS merchandising, computer systems support and cutting edge technology, Ink N More’s team of professionals is dedicated to supporting our franchisees’ success!

Real Estate

Finding the right location for any retail store is a critical step towards success. Our team of experienced real estate and store build-out professionals help franchisees find a great location so they can market the right product to the right customer at the right price.