Ink N More Is In Demand Because…

We Help People Print Smarter.

FACT: America has an insatiable appetite for printers and the computers, cameras and other devices that connect to printers. Manufacturers capitalize on this by reducing printer prices and increasing ink and toner prices.

TRUTH: The ongoing cost of expensive OEM inkjet and toner cartridges is causing people to look for an alternative source. Rapid Refill brand products offer customers exceptional quality and great value, often priced at up to 50% less than Original Equipment Manufacturers.

FACT: Not all inkjet refilling services are equal. Many require that customers bring in an empty cartridge and wait while it gets refilled and the quality of the refills can vary.

TRUTH: At Rapid Refill, customers can select value-priced remanufactured cartridges from a well-stocked store display. These cartridges have been refilled using the exact specifications of the original manufacturer and quality is assured – guaranteed!

FACT: Not all inkjet refilling stores are manned by knowledgeable personnel. The sales people at big box retailers handle a multitude of products while drug store refilling stations are often staffed by barely-trained teens.

TRUTH: Ink N More knows printing inside and out so our franchisees can offer personal and expert service. We’ve even added printer servicing from Certified Print Specialists to our business so that our stores can offer customers everything from basic printer cleaning and maintenance to full printer repair.

FACT: Everyone knows that disposable products end up in landfills and that’s bad for the environment. Therefore the demand for green, recycled products is at record levels and growing.

TRUTH: At Ink N More, recycling is the very core of our business. We offer customers good prices on great products that help protect the environment from landfill waste. As a Ink N More franchisee, you will provide environmentally friendly products and be a part of the solution to pollution!

Here’s what you, as a Ink N More franchisee, will offer your customers:

  • AFFORDABILITY – Our remanufactured cartridges cost less
  • QUALITY– Our products provide exceptional performance, guaranteed
  • SERVICE – Our franchisees offer what others retail businesses can’t: personal, expert service
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Our goal is to make a difference by keeping cartridges in use and out of landfills