How To Make Your Printer Ink Last Longer

ink-salem-ohio Buying printer ink is expensive, really expensive. Yes, we sell aftermarket printer     cartridges that will save you money versus buying OEM(HP,Lexmark, Dell and etc)   ink  cartridges at Walmart, Staples or other retail stores but even some of our cartridges are still a little expensive.

Between printing out your recipes, printing out some photos of the kids or grand kids or just everyday printing of interesting articles that you found while surfing the Internet, you’re slowly but surely using up your printer ink.

Then, most new printers will do a “cleaning”, which is when you haven’t printed in awhile, so the printer will do a printhead cleaning and run a little bit of ink through the printhead of the cartridge and then clean it off before it will let you print(you will know that this is happening when you click print and the printer doesn’t start printing immediately, but you can here it moving back in forth inside). So again, more ink used.

So how can you stretch those ink cartridges out, so you’re not running to the store or coming into Ink N More and getting your ink cartridges refilled every other month? And here is a couple tips to how make your printer ink last longer for you.

1.Use the Draft setting whenever you can. What is the draft setting you ask? The draft settings are in the printer preferences, in which you can change the quality settings to draft mode so it won’t use so much ink. Most printers will give you a “Preferences” button on the window that pops up after you click print.This is where the draft settings are. So how will the prints look…. well yes, it won’t be as dark or rich as using the printer in “normal” mode, but it is still readable and looks fine for your own use.

2.Print in Black and White whenever you can. The problem with just printing things off here and there, is that there usually going to be a fancy logo or header of the website that you are printing from. And it’s going to be in color, typically Vivid colors that suck up the ink. Again, by going into the printer preferences, you can change the printer settings to just print in black and white.

3.Don’t Print Your Own Photos. This is probably the biggest waste of ink, depending on how you look at it. Yes, it’s really conveinent to print out a couple photos that you want right from your printer, which is fine to do because almost all of the printers made in the last 10 years or so can print out some high quality photos that can be just as good as if you take you photos somewhere to get printed. But if you are going to print out 50 pictures that you took while you were on your last vacation, you probably should pull out that memory card out of your camera and take it into a Walmart or Walgreens to have them printed out. Printing photos will drain the the ink out of your cartridges if you are doing more than 5 or more pictures. To get that very high quality print, there is a trade off, which is the amount of ink the printer has to lay onto the paper to get that high quality look. So the rule of thumb I tell our customers is, if you are just printing out a couple photos here and there, go ahead, print away but if you need to print 10 or more photos, please go to a Walmart and Walgreen’s to get them printed. These places always seem to be running special deals on photo printing that will save you ink and save you money.

So you’re probably asking yourself now why would a Ink Refill store be telling you how to use less ink instead of how to use more ink. Well we like to treat our customers like family and friends. Tell them the truth and treat them right and you’ll have a customer for life is the motto that we run our business by and if you have ever shopped with us before, you will know that is how we do things around here.